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Mission Oaks Oncology Center

The Mission Oaks Oncology Center is the result of Good Samaritan Hospital's need to expand the outpatient services of its Regional Cancer Center, specifically radiation oncology.

The center accommodates both outpatient hospital services and independent physician offices to provide patients with medical and surgical oncology services from one location.

The building's architecture combines classic archit- ectural features with a distinctive modern char- acter. Designed to funct- ion as an integrated treat- ment center for cancer patients, the building feat- ures both diagnostic and treatment modalities on the first floor.

A unique feature in the building's design and construction is the incorporation of a new Varian 2100C/D linear accelerator, the result of a team effort between builder, architect, physicist, and interior de- signer. The Varian equip- ment located in the out- patient center provides leading edge technology matched only by what is provided at the Stanford University Medical Center.


  • Developer: Barry Swenson Builder
  • Architect: Barry Swenson Builder Architectural
  • General Contractor: Barry Swenson Builder
  • 22,348 SF Medical Office
  • Site: 1.23 Acres with 94 Parking Stalls
  • Cost: $9M
  • Completed: November 1994